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Frequently Asked Questions

The calculation of costs for a translation is performed using standard lines or on the basis of a fixed-price offer.

A standard line consists of 55 gross keystrokes, (letters, numerals, symbols, characters, blank characters), which are compiled together successively in the text. In order to calculate the standard line price the number of keystrokes is divided by 55. This results in the number of standard lines.

Calculation of the standard lines is always performed in the target language. If the completed translation contains no Latin characters, then the scope of the source text is definitive.

Translators / interpreters have a different designation in each federal state. In Berlin for example the precise wording is “Translator / interpreter sworn for the courts and notaries of Berlin”. In Saxony-Anhalt, in contrast, the title is “Publicly appointed translator for the … language”.

In the state of Saxony each translator / interpreter that successfully completes the examination receives the title “Publicly appointed and sworn translator / interpreter for the … language”. Despite this, there is no major difference between the individual designations. A translation completed by a translator from Berlin is recognised in Saxony just as much as one completed by a local translator, and vice versa.

In the attestation the sworn or publicly appointed translator confirms the correctness and completeness of the completed translation.

A supplementary attestation — also known as legalisation or public attestation — is issued by the state court that has designated the translator / interpreter “publicly appointed and sworn”.

The supplementary attestation confirms the genuineness of the signature of the translator, whilst also certifying that the translator is publicly appointed and sworn for the working language.

As already stated, the costs of a translation are calculated using standard lines. However, there is a difference if the text that is to be translated has been written in Times New Roman 10 or in Arial 12 with the line spacing normal or 1.5. When making enquiries regarding texts of approximately 5 pages, for example, the price difference can be extremely high. Wie bereits geschildert, berechnen wir die Kosten einer Übersetzung nach Normzeile.

It is therefore always advisable to provide the text or other documents that are to be translated in advance, so that we are able to gain an overview of the extent of the text and quote you an approximate price. In addition, we are also able to provide you with a free offer for the price and duration of the translation.

Interpreters for consecutive and negotiation interpreting are employed for example on tours, during court proceedings — in brief: in all circumstances where the previous speaker has completed his address in the other language.

In escort interpreting the interpreter accompanies the listener, for example on a business trip abroad or on a tour of a plant. The spoken word is interpreted simultaneously — in the same manner as with simultaneous interpreting.

During simultaneous interpreting the interpreter interprets simultaneously and continuously, either via simultaneous interpreting equipment or directly at a whisper (chuchotage). Our experienced team of interpreters can support you in your international meetings and conferences, whereby two interpreters are provided per language, alternating in interpreting at regular intervals.

To enable multilingual translation services at conferences or major events it is advisable to conduct the language communication via corresponding conference equipment. Two forms of conference equipment are employed here:

The simultaneous interpreting equipment takes the form of a cubicle measuring approximately 1.70 m × 1.70 m. The equipment should be positioned directly in the room in which the event is taking place. This enables eye contact to be maintained between speaker and interpreter.

The guide systems are small and easily transportable, packed in cases. This makes them ideal for mobile use at event locations where a fixed interpreting cubicle is unsuitable, such as on plant tours and inspections. The disadvantage of these mobile guide systems lies in the fact that no group discussions are possible.

Calculation of the costs of interpreting services is made on an hourly basis for the working and travel time, plus travel expenses and any expenses for overnight accommodation etc.

For simultaneous translation a daily fixed rate is employed, containing working and travel time plus travel expenses. In agreement with the customer, any possible costs of accommodation and food shall be invoiced additionally or assumed directly by the customer.

A daily fixed rate is also advisable for long conferences or guided city tours.